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Frozen Planet II

Frozen Planet II

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Find a world of wonder beyond the ice.

One fifth of our planet is frozen, locked in ice and blanketed with snow. These are the last true wildernesses—so hostile to man that they have barely been explored, so challenging for survival that only a heroic cast of animals can live here. And it's a world that is disappearing before our very eyes.

Frozen Planet II celebrates the surprisingly diverse worlds of ice, from the ocean of the Arctic to the snowy boreal forests and plains of the north, from the high-altitude peaks and plateaus of our mountains to the ice-locked desert of Antarctica. Using groundbreaking new technologies, the book tells previously undiscovered stories, from chameleons giving birth on the frosty slopes of Mount Kenya to endangered Amur leopards in the Russian forest and orcas hunting harp seals on ice floes in the Antarctic. Behind-the-scenes insights explore the unique challenges of filming in these frozen worlds, where camera crew and wildlife alike brave the extreme conditions.

With over 250 stunning full-color photographs, including behind-the-scenes images from the making of the landmark series, Frozen Planet II reveals the wonders of the fastest-changing part of our planet, as we will never see them again.
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